Leystone Farms is located at 1965 Route 148, Luskville (at the 4 lanes).


Leystone Farms was established in 2020 at the edge of the Gatineau hills. Clearly identifiable by the beautiful hillside vineyard, Leystone is home to a first generation farm family guided by a desire to nurture. They seek to nurture the land, the plants, and the animals, using sustainable, regenerative practices. (Stay tuned for news about their raised bed, no-till market garden!) They also feel that it is important to nurture their family, friends, themselves, and their community. Everyone is welcome there.

Mountain View Farm is located at 575 Chemin Cregheur, Luskville.


Mountain View Farm is a 5 acre family run homestead where they aim to help people craft a more creative, mindful and sustainable life. They do this through workshops, retreats and selling eco-friendly and mindful products. They also have an adorable collection of rescued animals with tons of personality.

Vignobles Les Collines is located at 415 Chemin Cregheur, Luskville.


Vignoble Les Collines cultivates vines with respect for the earth. Their farming practices and the work of the cellar master aim to produce wines typical of their terroir.

Infinity Farm is located at 310 Chemin Kerr, Luskville.


In 2018,  Victoria and Robert created their big dream: live on a hobby farm filled with love, full of animals  and offer natural farm products, ecological with superior quality. Both are extremely creative, never lacking projects. They are very active in their community and love to share their love for life!  

Agape Gardens is located at 1930 Chemin de la Montagne, Luskville, QC.


Agape Gardens models an oasis that people dream of: land stewardship, finding purpose, truth, freedom, health, and spiritual wealth. 28-acre sanctuary offering community gardens, authentic retreats, nightly stays and educational workshops.